Friday, June 7, 2024

Sling Pouch



What You Need:

Hook: 5mm

Yarn needle


Yarn- Red Heart- Super Saver Ombre Jazzy and Black



Fabric Quarter



Inner Pouch


Sew fabric onto felt, fabric facing in sew together then do your box corner.

Box Corner - You open the bottom, placing the side seam right in the center.  Mark with a pencil a line– the length of the line will be how large the bottom of the bag will be.  If you’d like to ‘audition’ the size, place pins along the line and turn right sides out.  Adjust if needed.  Sew on the drawn line, making sure the seam doesn’t shift.

Then sew on your zipper.

Outer Pouch

Ch as many as you need to go around your felt pouch without stretching. 1 hdc in each st until your outer pouch it as tall as your inner pouch.

Now you will sew the bottom together. We will do the box corners just like we did for the inner pouch (we don’t cut them off)

Turn your bag inside out and the bottom will look square.

Now we put the inner bag inside the outer bag and sew the top of them together.



Ch 7, Hdc in each ch, turn.

1 hdc in each st until handle is as long as you need. Once done sew to the side of the bag. Enjoy.

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