Friday, May 31, 2024

Carryall Tote


What You Need:

Hook: 5mm

Yarn needle


Yarn-5 colors of your choice, I used Caron Simply Soft



Fabric Quarter



Ch 140,


Note: You might want to use a st market, join ring with a slip st. Continue working a hdc in every stitch in a spiral until the bag is as long as you like.

 Sew the bottom of the bag closed.


Position the bag so that the seam is centered. Measure and mark a 7-inches line across the corner of the base. Sew a seam across each corner.


Now we need to make the inside of the bag. Take felt and fabric and sew the fabric on to the felt.

Put the to pieces together (felt on the outside) and sew them together leaving a opening at the top.

Now we need to make the box corners, lay out your corner and measure out 2 inches, Mark your two inches and then sew along the marked line and cut off the corner.


Now we want to go ahead and pin in our inside bag and our zipper, and we want to sew it all together.



Ch 21,


Row 1: 1 hdc in each ch.

Row 2-19: 1 hdc in each.


Row 20: Ch 26

Row 21-22: 1 hdc in each. In the ch space you will sew on your zipper.


1 sc round around the whole pocket. Sew together felt and fabric and then sew it onto the pocket, sew the pocket on to the bag. Now make a bigger one on the other side.

Handles (Make 2)

Ch 126,

Row 1-5: 1 hdc in each st.

After I reached my desired width, I sewed the two sides together and sew on the bag.


Cross Body Handle (Make 2)

Ch 7,

Row 1-114: 1 hdc in each st.

Note: For this I used 3 yarns together, to give this handle more thickness. Also  make your handles as long as you need.


I also put felt on the handle and sewed it in between the 2 handles. I used a sew machine to put the felt on, you can just hand sew if you don’t have a sewing machine.

Sew handle on to bag. Enjoy!


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