Skull Messenger Bag

Like Skulls how about making your self a Skull messenger Bag, like I did oh how I love my bag. Here are a few Skull fabric you can use for your bag, Sugar Skull, Sugar Skull Tattoo, Geo Skull

You Will Need:    
2 Fabrics- Outer bag 18"x 21"
2 Fabrics- Inner bag 18"x 21"
2 Fabrics- Flap 18"x 21"
3Batting- 18"x 21"
Handle- 6"x 48"

First thing to do is to put your fabric together, the outer fabric and batting go together and the inner fabric go together then the flap. Here is my outer fabric, inner fabric and flap.

 So now that you have your fabric together you need to put the claps on before you sew make sure the claps is tight, you can always add a little more batting to fix that if you need to. You want to poke holes from the front to back right where the claps is going to go make sure it's in the right spot.

Now we sew outer bag together inside out. Then turn bag right side-in. Make sure to sew together the inner bag inside out and leave inside out. You also want to do the flap inside out leave top unsewn so you can pull flap right side-in, sit flap aside.

Now you need to box the corners to give the bag that square look. Flatten out the corners of the bag and measure out 6" and draw a line across the corner and sew on the line you made then cut right before the sew you made. Make sure to do the same thing to the inner bag.


Now you will cut 6" off the corner of the flap to give it a more round look. Now you can turn flap right side in and top stitch around bag.

 Now is the time to put bag together, you will fold down outer bag and pin down then pin flap to bag ( it is better to snap flap to outer bag so it can be put on right) now fold inner bag and pin in place. Sit aside.

Now time to make the handle, sew one side half way then fold the other side half an inch in and then fold to match the other side and sew together. Then pin handle in to place, now you will top stitch everything together. Go slow so you don't mess up.

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