Child Messenger Bag

 I made this messenger bag for my son he loves Dino's and monster's. For this sewing project you will need:

2 Fabrics- Outer bag 12"x 9"
2 Fabrics- Inner bag 12"x 9"
2 Fabrics- Flap 9.5"x 8"
1 Fabric- Strap 28" x 8"
3 Felt - 1 in-between outer fabric, 1 in-between inner fabric and 1 in-between flap fabric.

Now you will take all three section and you will fold half an inch around the edges and sew the edges down, all three should look like this.

 Now you will sew the flap to one of the other section, make sure there are both facing the right way. It should look like this.

Now you will sew the 2 main part of bags together in side out. It will look like this.

Now you need to box the corners to give the bag that square look. Flatten out the corners of the bag and measure out 2" and draw a line across the corner and sew on the line you made then cut right before the sew you made.


Now it's time to move to the strap, you will fold half a inch in all around the strap then sew around the strap, now fold in half one side half way and then fold other side and sew.


Now you will sew strap on to bag. It will look like this and now you little one can enjoy.


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