Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Bernat Velvet Blanket

What You Need :

Bernat Velvet Indigo
Bernat Velvet Burgundy Plum
Bernat Velvet Shadow Purple
Bernat Velvet Gray Orchid
Bernat Velvet Smokey Green
Bernat Velvet Vapor Gray

This blanket is very simple it's just a C2C and switching in-between colors. I made this blanket because of how cold it is where a live. Bernat Velvet yarn is really soft and thick, as you make this blanket you will see how heavy this blanket gets which is really good for keeping  you warm when it's cold.
 Now to start off this blanket you do a C2C pattern ( you can learn to C2C here) and to change the color you will need to add the new color before you finish the last hdc ( if you need a lesson on switching the colors when you C2C then you can watch this video here). Now you can use any color's you like these are just the colors I had left over. Hope you enjoy your new blanket.

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