Friday, July 5, 2024

Retro Backpack Purse


What You Need

Red Heart Retro and Black

4.5 mm Hook


Magnetic Snaps




With Black, ch 102, join


Round 1: 1 sc in each st in black.


Round 2-4: 1 sc in each st in retro.


Continue rounds 1-4 until purse is as long as you want, I stop at 15 inches.

Now you will sew the bottom of the bag.

Position the bag so that the seam is centered. Measure and mark a 5-in line across the corner of the base. Sew a seam across each corner. Turn bag inside right.

Now you need to put the snaps on.

Now make the straps, ch 9, sc in each st still continuing the pattern, you need to make 2.

 Last thing we need to do is make the small hook on the top of the book bag. Ch 5 and sc in each st continuing the pattern, then sew it on the bag. 


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