Monday, September 23, 2019

Crochet Velvet Jacket

Bernat Velvet Misty Gray

H mm crochet hook
Yarn needle


Row 1: Start with 140 chains + 2 for turning chains. To find out how many yo need to chain for the right fit just fit the chain around your chest: the ends should almost touch each other without stretching it. 

Row 2: Hdc in third ch from hook and each st to end. (140)

Row 3 – 6: Ch 1, Fpdc in next st, Bpdc in next st, repeat to end.

From now on we will do normal hdc stitches through all loops. 

Row 7 – 30: Ch 1, hdc in each st. Do not cut the yarn. (140)

Row 31-53: Ch 1, hdc in next 35 st’s, turn (35) 

Row 54: Ch 1, 1 dec, hdc to last 2 st’s, 1 dec, turn

Row 55 – 65: Repeat rows 54. Finish off.

You will repeat this same thing to the other side.

Back part

Row 31: Skip 3 stitches and start working from there. Work hdc until you’re 3 stitches away from the other front part. 

Row 32-65: Ch 1, hdc to end. Finish off.

Now lay the cardigan flat and fold the two front parts to the middle. With a tapestry needle and yarn, sew the front shoulder parts to the back parts.  Also sew up the sides of jacket if the arm hold is to big, only sew up to where your arm will go.

Sleeves- Make 2
To start the sleeves, you will need to chain as many as you need and fit the chains around your wrest to see if it fits, make sure it’s not too tight or to lose, I used 42chains. Make sure not to twist your work.

Row 1: Ch 42, sl st together.

Row 2: Hdc in each st.

Row 3-7: Hdc in next st, fpdc in next st, repeat to end. (42)

Row 8-14: Hdc in each st.  Mark end of round do not join. (42)

Row 15: Hdc in next 20 st’s, 2 hdc in next st, repeat to end. (44)

Row 16 – 19: Hdc in each st. (44)

Row 20: Hdc in the next 21 st’s, 2 hdc in next st, repeat to end. (46)

Row 21-24: Hdc in each st. (46)

Row 25: Hdc in next 23 st’s, 2 hdc in next st, repeat to end. (48)

Row 26-53: Hdc in each st. (48) It should go up to your armpit if not keep going until you get there.

Row 52: Ch 2, turn, hdc in next 25 st’s

Row 53: Ch 2, dec, hdc to last 2 st’s, dec, turn, repeat until only one st is left.

Leave long tail for sewing. When sewing arm on to jacket make sure the seam is on the outside of the jacket.

Change to light gray and hdc all the way around jacket starting from either bottom corner. Once done ch 1 and front post and back post all the way around jacket twice. Now you will add 6 buttons starting right below the neck and spacing them 4 post away from each other. Last thing to do is sc around all edges with dark gray. Now you can enjoy your jacket for the winter.
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