Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Gingham Blanket

For this blanket you want to ch in multiples of 10 plus 1. I am chaining 191 which will be 19 squares, I am using a H hook, also I am using Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn and Caron Simply Soft yarn, but you can use whatever yarn you want.
Each square is 10 st’s long, to make all the squares even you want to finish you 10th st with the next color. 

Turn and ch 1 continue pattern for 8 rows. Now you want to change your color, the first 8 rows patterns are white, gray and pink, the second 8 rows patterns is gray, pink and white, you want to repeat the 2 rows until blanket is as long as you want it. Now you can continue with these colors or you can try another color pattern which would be white and pink all the way across for row 1 and pink and gray  all the way across for row 2. When your all done make you border with each color.

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