Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yarn Storage

I love to crochet and I love to shop for yarn and sometimes I get more yarn than I have space for and have no place to put it all. So I though it was time to make some storage for all my yarn and get up and off the floor and out of the corner.

I also decided to personalize the space and make it my own.

1. I went to Joanna Fabric and got 3 wooden crates, now at $12.99 a piece I know that is a bit much but I chose Joanna for a reason they always have coupons and with 3 40% or 50% coupons you pay a lot less.

2. I went to Home-Depot and got screws and wall anchors, dry wall is not very strong and if you can't find the stud you need to have wall anchors so the crates don't just fall off the walls when you put stuff in it. I would not suggest putting any thing heavy in these crates just small things.

These are the screws I went and got from Home-Depot, cost $1.98 and it comes with the wall anchors I also screwed the crates together and I put three screws in the crate one in the top left corner, one in the middle and one in the top right corner. I per-drilled my holes in the wall by (with a 11/64 drill bit) holding up the crate where I wanted it to go and drilled right through the crate and in to the wall then I moved the crate and drilled in the hole I just made in the wall to make sure I went back as far as I could, then I put in a wall anchor and light taped it in with a hammer.  Now if you wall anchors don't fit, DO NOT KEEP HAMMERING take the anchors out of the wall and drill in to the hole again in a circular motion to make the hole wider but not to wide, now try to put your anchors in, remember lightly tap in with hammer. PS: MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS STEP BEFORE YOU PERSONALIZE.

3. Now time to personalize your crate, measure the bottom and sides of the crate and cut your fabric to that size. Fabric- Joanna $9.99 remember coupons.
I used tacky glue and glued the fabric to the bottom of the crate and the side after this step you are all done Enjoy! Tacky Glue- Joanna $1.99 remember coupon.

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