The Body

As I sit in my room,
I let my mind wonder from time to time letting my imagination take to the fun. Imagine if I could be slim, nice round ass,
perfect perky tit and last but not least that nice flat belly,
but none the less that’s just my imagination,
the body doesn’t stay young for every.
Us humans get old, we lose are elasticity,
skin becomes thin and wrinkly,
bones and muscle become weaker,
are memory gets worse,
and are immune system just can’t fight the disease,
I guess the better term is us humans are slowly dying the older we get.
Even though I can’t have the body I want,
I need to be happy with the body I got, walk to my mirror,
take a good look, this body it’s perfect but it’s all I got.
Work, work real hard to make that body stunning,
eat those fruits and veggies and also start running,
not once, not twice but 3 times a day.
Think once, think twice about those prepackaged foods,
it’s poison to the body without a doubt,
just like those sweet treats advertised on tv.
It’s hard, it’s tough,
some days you want to give up but no matter the pain it must be done for a healthy life from.
Weeks, months stay true,
right around the corner is that body for you,
imagine that you did it,
you hit the finish line and your reward longer life on what we call planet earth.

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